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Elevate your health, skill, impact and income.
Learn the skills to generate Rs 3-4 Lacs in passive income and have lots of fun doing it. Learn the most fascinating and organic method of growing food and adding to your health and bank account

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Pallawi Singh

I'm not a big fan of courses and i find them to be tedious and time consuming, but this course made it easy. The course is concise and to the point. I've gone from knowing nothing in aquaponics to know feeling like I could buy some land and start my own farm. Thanks again, Sneh.


Neha Baheti

Before I started this course, I'd looked at YouTube videos and thought I knew atleast something about Aquaponics. But I realise now that it was all of little to no value. I would've made a lot of mistakes, put in a lot of money. Before starting with your system, I'd recommend every person to go for this course!


Kshitz Sharma

The course was very informative and provides the best foundation for starting and maintaining an aquaponics farm. It probably saved me a lot of money in preventing costly mistakes. It is very professional and is money well spent.


Solonie Pathania

The course was well planned, detailed but super concise and you walk away with the knowledge that enables you to build and run your very own Aquaponics Farm. I am going to follow instructions in the farm design document to start my small scale commercial farm in my village . Thank you

Aquaponics is the worlds most advanced organic urban farming methodology

Aquaponics is the system of farming plants and fish together in a mutually beneficial single system, harnessing the very best of aquaculture (farming of aquatic animals) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

Fishes generate waste which is converted to fertilizer by microbes. Plants take up the nutrients from it for their growth and clean water returns to the fish. In other words, Aquaponics is the ideal answer to a fish farmer’s problem of disposing of nutrient-rich water and the hydroponic plant grower’s need for nutrient-rich water.

The population of the world will touch 9 billion by 2040. 70% of this population will live in urban areas .Food production will need to rise by 70% to feed this growing urban population with a 33% loss in aerable land already ! Aquapanponics will rise to be the most important urban farming technique in the world . It will also cater to the astonishing growth of demand for fish to 250 million tons by 2050 !

Aquaponics is relevant for farmers, children, agricultural enthusiasts, urban farmers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who cares for the environment and wants to learn a sustainable and organic farming methodology which is scalable and profitable.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to educate the next generation of Farmers, Students, Climate Activists and Entrepreneurs on the sustainable benefits of aquaponics as a means to eat healthy food, create a source of passive income and learn one of the most important skills on the coming decades!

  • The Essential Aquaponics Online course is our signature training that comprises of a super concise and easy video based curriculum along with other important resources. The goal of this course is to provide you with all the necessary science backed knowledge you need to be a successful practioner of aquaponics.
The Essential Aquaponics Online course is our signature training that comprises of a super concise and easy video based curriculum along with other important resources. The goal of this course is to provide you with all the necessary science backed knowledge you need to be a successful practioner of aquaponics.

The Essential Aquaponics course is our signature training that comprises of a super concise and easy video based curriculum along with other important resources. The goal of this course is to provide you with all the necessary science backed knowledge you need to be a successful practioner of aquaponics.

Why this Course?

The course is designed for farming enthusiasts with or without a basic understanding of how Aquaponics works and for people who intend to enhance their knowledge of the science, the operations and the design process of building an Aquaponics farm, both in the backyard and on a small commercial scale. This course comprises study material and learnings derived not only from the experience of running a small commercial farm but also from academic research on the subject of Aquaponics conducted in the past two decades.

High Quality video lectures

We’ve put a lot of effort into making aquaponics fun and easy to learn for you so you don’t have to work as hard to understand the concepts of aquaponics.

Get your aquaponics system up and running.

Use our set up guide to build your very own small commercial farm or use as a framework to custom build your very own setup!

Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns at their own pace and that’s why we give you 24/7 access to view all the course content.

Go do great things!

Finally you’ll have a skill that will enable you to use aquaponics to successfully raise and grow vegetables to start a new career or simply to fulfill your passion as a hobby grower.

We have spent countless hours and a small fortune on mistakes so you don’t have to ! In the essential aquaponics course we'll delve deeper into the science behind Aquaponics, including how to create the perfect environment for your symbiotic ecosystem; how to produce market-ready fish; how to create an optimal balance for plants as well as fish growth.

Furthermore, you’ll also learn:-

  • The components of a home or small commercial Deep Water Culture system.
  • How to properly design and arrange the various components of an aquaponic system in order to make it function properly.
  • How to size any system to meet your hobby or commercial system needs.
  • How to create the perfect balance between the fish, plants, and bacteria.
  • How to take your system from the initial stage to the final stage without killing your fish and plants.
  • How to properly maintain water quality.
  • How to use testing instruments to understand your system better.
  • How to remove solid waste and what to do with it.
  • The types of bacteria in aquaponics and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Fish and plants in aquaponics.

Curriculum Overview


• Fish tanks – Learn how shape affects waste movement and explore different building materials.
• Filtration – difference between mechanical and biological filters.
• Hydroponic components and DWC grow canals.
• Water movement and plumbing.
• Aeration.
• Tour a working farm and understand its design.


• System cycling and starting a biofilter colony
• Adding fish and plants during the cycling process and what to expect


• Oxygen and how it is the life source of the system.
• What is pH and how it will determine if your plants are happy or starving!
• Manipulating pH
• The effects of temperature on the aquaponic system and all its living components.
• Total nitrogen: ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
• Understanding water hardness.
• How algae and other parasites will affect your aquaponics system


• How to ensure a heathy colony of bacteria.
• Understanding the biofilter.
• Monitoring bacterial activity.
• What is mineralization and which group of bacteria are responsible for it.
• Unwanted bacteria and their types.

And lots more...

Our Story

Our journey with aquaponics started as a conversation between 2 friends over the lack of water at our respective family owned farms. We had grown up running in between lush green farm crops and had witnessed the slow degradation and desertification of our own lands as we grew up . 

We knew we had to look for a future ready solution to grow fresh and healthy food using minimal water .What started as an experiment is now a story of a great adventure ! :) 

I'm Sneh Shekhawat

I'm Himanshu Jakhar

Our online course comes on popular demand from enthusiasts all over the country  who now want to experiment with aquaponics and pursue a new meaningful career. We will help you learn the most important concepts , knowledge that we wish we had access to when we started. After signing up , you will go through the most concise course out there so you do not waste time going through hours and hours of videos and end up more confused than you started.

Welcome to our exciting world of aquaponics We grow and sell our own organic aquaponics produce at our farm called “ The big O Farm”  and our customers swear by the quality and taste of our veggies.

Our Aquaponics Produce is special . Don’t just take  our word for it .. Take a look !


Aquaponics is the reason why our spinach is twice the size of a human head.


Our produce grows twice as fast.

Day 1 of planting

Week 3

Week 6 - Tropical Jungle!

Aquaponics Also

Saves Water

We use 90% less water to grow the same produce

100% Organic

No nasties in our food . At all!

Less Laborious

Our fish do all the hard work for us!

More Profits

We grow the year-round like a food factory!

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take to finish the course?

It generally takes students from one to two weeks to complete the course.

Q. How can I access the modules in the video tutorials?

The study material on our platform can be accessed from both, your cell phone and computer.

Q. When can I access the study material?

The course material is available round the clock for students to access.

Q. What are the requirements to finish the course?

The students must go through all video and reading material and pass all quizzes in order to successfully complete the course.

Q. How do I know if this course is for me?

The course is for everyone who is looking for in-depth knowledge of how to turn their curiosity and passion for Aquaponics into a viable skill that can help them provide consistent food supply to their family and be used to launch a new career as a commercial farmer.


"This course save so much time in term of researching and maybe many fish's lives!!!"

Anurag Mathur

"The course was a great primer to begin my journey into aquaponics."

Chhavi Sahai

"The course offers the perfect birds eye view of aquaponics . The technicalities of each topic are broken down to perfection."

Akshita Sharma

"Aquaponics essential course delivers a clear, realistic and practical approach to aquaponics that is built on experience. I feel a lot more confident now."

Himanshu Khurana